There was a surprise for fans eagerly anticipating the premiere of Steven Spielberg's new biopic Lincoln when it was aired at an unannounced screening at the New York Film Festival last night (October 8, 2012). Spielberg was there himself for the screening, and told those attending "This is a journey for me unlike any other, a journey through history I hoped would never end."

The film stars Daniel Day Lewis as the 16th President of The United States, and focuses on his attempts to pass the 13th amendment to the constitution outlawing slavery in the last days of the civil war. Though war is at the centre of the film Spielberg's focus is more on the dialogue of the characters and party politics rather than the action and special effects that his blockbusters are usually known for.

At this early stage, people are already talking up both the film and Day-Lewis as contenders for Academy Award wins next year. Day-Lewis is a long-time Oscar favourite and so there is a strong chance that, given what The Los Angeles Times seems to think is a strong showing here, he will be in the mix. The great thing about the screening in New York though, was that it wasn't just industry insiders who were there to witness the film, but ordinary film-goers too who weren't sure what it was they were about to see. The fact that they also seemed to get behind the screening will give Spielberg great confidence, indeed.