Steven Spielberg is without a doubt one of the most iconic filmmakers of our time. Famed for working on a number of huge projects such as 'Jurassic Park', 'Minority Report' and 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial', he's someone who hasn't let his success get the better of him, refusing to bow out of the industry which he loves so much and recently hitting it big with new film 'The Post', which he produced.

Steven Spielberg has worked on some huge films throughout his careerSteven Spielberg has worked on some huge films throughout his career

There are a whole slew of projects in development in which Spielberg is currently involved, such as the adaptation of hugely successful novel 'Ready Player One', the new 'Jurassic World' movie and a currently untitled 'Men in Black' sequel. What a lot of his fans are most excited about hearing about however, is when he'll start getting the fifth 'Indiana Jones' movie off the ground.

In a report from The Hollywood Reporter, which offers up some more information about Spielberg's casting call for his remake of 'West Side Story', it's claimed that the director is planning on starting filming for 'Indiana Jones 5' at some point in 2019. With plans by Disney to release the flick in July 2020, this seems like it would be the perfect schedule.

Harrison Ford will of course be involved in the film, reclaiming the titular role, but as he turns 77 in 2019, it's going to be very interesting to see just how much he plays into the story. He's proven he's more than capable of bringing a fantastic performance to the big screen no matter his age, so it's very possible that he could seem as active as ever before in 'Indiana Jones 5'.

What we do know about the upcoming film is that Shia LaBeouf won't be making a return following his role in the fourth instalment. That announcement came after the actor claimed he didn't like any of the movies he made with Spielberg. Not the best comments to make if he was hoping to pick up a pay packer for 'Indiana Jones 5'...

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We'll bring you more news on the fifth 'Indiana Jones' movie as and when we get it.