Director Steven Spielberg is yet to make the perfect film - but has decided his 1992 epic SCHINDLER's LIST is his most flawless piece of film-making to date.

Spielberg is happy with all his films, despite believing "I never feel I've come close to perfection", and has only recently began to favour the World War II movie over his other titles.

In an interview on Australian chat show ENOUGH ROPE, Spielberg says, "I think I have made several films that I will be eternally proud of.

"Schindler's List I consider to be my best picture. I never used to say that. Before Schindler's List people would ask me, 'What's your favourite film?' and I would use the old cliche line, which I am sure you have heard before, 'How can you judge amongst your children which one you love the most?'

"Schindler's List was such an overwhelming experience for me, was such a personal experience for me, probably the most personal, and I think because it inspired and gave rise to the SHOAH FOUNDATION, which is the most important work I've done outside of my family, that I have to always go back and credit that picture.

08/06/2005 21:26