Genius, legendary filmmaker, Steven Spielberg, has spoken out about how he was incredibly annoyed that Hollywood's A-Listers failed to rally behind the Democrat Presidential candidate, John Kerry, during the election campaign in November 2004. The acclaimed director behind 'Schindler's List', 'Saving Private Ryan' and 'Jaws' (amongst others), was a strong supporter for Kerry's unsuccessful Presidency campaign against George W Bush.

Steven Spielberg supported the Democrat Presidential Candidate, John Kerry
Steven Spielberg supported the Democrat Presidential Candidate, John Kerry

Spielberg was especially disappointed to find himself as one of the few influential members of the film industry in support of Kerry. In the 1990s, Hollywood superstars fell over themselves in order to lend their support to the campaign of the highly charismatic Bill Clinton. It is this charisma that Spielberg believes caused the support to come to Clinton, and while Kerry may lack it, Spielberg maintains that he would have made a great leader.

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As part of an interview on the Austrailan chat show, Enough Rope, Spielberg explained that he "was disappointed that Hollywood didn't do enough for John Kerry's campaign, compared to what Hollywood did for Bill Clinton's campaign. The democratic Hollywood base, power base and money base, really didn't come out this year, and I was surprised about that."

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Spielberg continued to say that: "It might have been that Hollywood is very interested in charisma and I do not think that Hollywood felt that John Kerry had the kind of charisma that Bill Clinton had and that they didn't come out in force. I thought John Kerry would have been a wonderful world leader and an American president."

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