Steven Spielberg, the acclaimed multiple Academy Award-winning Hollywood director, has expressed a sincere confusion about how the number of UFO sightings has dropped significantly over the last 20 years. Especially considering how the technology to spot and monitor UFOs has increased significantly since the sightings were most prominent. 

Steven Spielberg is surprised by the lack of UFO sightings recently
Steven Spielberg is surprised by the lack of UFO sightings recently

59-year-old Spielberg made an entire series of films based around UFOs and alien-themed films, such as 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind', 'ET: The Extra-Terrestrial' and 'War Of The Worlds'. He has further expressed a disappointment that he will never have the chance to actually see a genuine UFO for himself.

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According to the acclaimed and legendary director, "There are millions of video cameras out there and they're picking up less videos of UFOs, alleged UFOs, than we picked up in the 1970s and 1980s. There's 150 per cent more cameras, so why are we getting less from up there?" While this may have something to do with the fact that a modern video wouldn't hold up under scrutiny, modern video editing software has also evolved in order to make more convincing videos. Yet this has failed to cause a come-back in the form of recorded UFO sightings.

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Spielberg continued to explain his further thoughts on the matter, saying: "I think that we all know that we're not alone in the universe. I can't imagine that we are the only intelligent biological life form out there. I'm a little less sure in my fifties that I was in my late twenties whether we're actually ever going to find out." 

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