On the same day that he saw his film Lincoln receive 5 Oscar nominations, legendary director Steven Spielberg had one of his upcoming projects postponed to do scripting and budget disputes. 

The sci-fi movie - based on a book about a war between humans and robots - was set to begin filming this spring and be released in April 2014, but, as the BBC reports, Spielberg wasn't best pleased with the script and the budgeting estimates. And when we say budgeting estimates, we mean $160 million ($99.8m) over budget. That's some rough estimating. We're sure Spielberg's stock as a director will force Disney - who haven't uttered a peep about the situation - to push things forward, as it sounds like it would be a hit. Robopocalypse was actually supposed to be his next film after War Horse, until the Lincoln project pushed it back to 2014, and with Spielberg seemingly bored of action films, perhaps he'll take some convincing to resume sci-fi movie. He told 60 Minutes back in October: "I could do the action in my sleep at this point in my career. In my life, the action doesn't hold any-- it doesn't attract me anymore."

Still, it's not as though Spielberg will be sipping his bedtime warm milk tonight with sadness, he's just learnt that Lincoln will fight it out for Best Picture, he'll be vying for Best Director, his lead Daniel Day Lewis will battle it out for Best Lead Actor, Tommy Lee Jones could win another Oscar for Best Supporting Actor and Sally Field for Actress. Odds are, the Lincoln DVD trailer will read "Winner of 5 Oscars".