Jurassic Park fans will be elated at hearing the announcement from Universal Pictures that the next instalment of the dinosaur series named 'Jurassic World' is set for release 12th June 2015.

Steven Spielberg, who directed the first Jurassic Park in 1993 and the sequel in 1997 has been signed on to produce the movie alongside Frank Marshall and Pat Crowley, but will not be the director as Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed) will take that role, working from a draft of a screenplay he wrote with Derek Connolly.

The first three epic-adventure instalments gained huge success at the box office, raking in $1.9 billion between them, and this year's 3D re-release of the first Jurassic Park took $114 million worldwide.

Schomes Knows recently interviewed Trevorrow at the 2013 Saturn Awards where he discussed the intentions with Jurassic Park 4, "we are very aware of how much a certain generation especially cares about this movie and we talk about it all the time in conversations. It's not about us, it's not about our careers, it's - how do we make something that can stand [against the first 'Jurassic Park']?"

The latest instalment has already experienced difficulty with its constant delays - the film will arrive nearly 14 years after its predecessor, Jurassic Park 3 (2001). Furthermore in 2007 the Aint It Cool blog posted a review of the alleged Jurassic Park 4 screenplay that can only be described as bizarre. William Monahan and John Styles created the highly strange scenario of a company taking DNA from the captured dinosaurs, combining it with a humans to create a Jurassic inspired, hybrid intellectual fighting machine. To pan this freaky, far-out version was probably for the best.

The news of the release date and title comes just the same day 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5' release would be delayed from the summer of 2015 until 2016, suggesting that Universal Pictures feels 'Jurassic World' will be the perfect replacement for a summer blockbuster. The build up for the new instalment will now begin and it's fair to assume 'Jurassic World' will be 2015's hottest summer release.

The film is set for release on June 12th 2015.

Colin Trevorrow
Colin Trevorrow and Derek Conolly co-wrote the scrennplay