Director Steven Spielberg's ex-wife AMY IRVING shocked fans on American TV on Friday night (18JUN04) when she confessed she'd like to orally please another woman.

Appearing on SWINGERS star Jon Favreau's weekly roundtable chat show DINNER FOR FIVE, the YENTL star admitted she has "made out" with a woman in the past, but she'd like to go further.

In a conversation about oral sex, Irving said, "I'd like to try a woman's one day. I made out once but that's about it - sweet kissing."

The actress kissed Barbra Streisand in Yentl, and admits it was a strange experience.

She adds, "She wouldn't let us kiss during the rehearsals. It was only when the camera was rolling. She got a little giggly."

21/06/2004 09:55