Steven Soderbergh's upcoming film has been inspired by Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour.

The 61-year-old director is "fascinated" by the success of the pop mega star and explained that the record-breaking concerts have influenced a new movie that he is in the early stages of developing.

Speaking to Variety at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Steven said: "I have been thinking about a project in which I analyse large scale, cooperative endeavours that work. Airports. Why do airports work? Or AA?

"You look at the Taylor Swift concert, at this whole tour and it works. So why can't we figure out Syria or any other conflict?

"Humour is a great delivery system for an idea and nothing lights up the brain like music, so this project better be funny and there should be some musical component as a way to open people up. I want you to come out on the other side after you see it, and feel different."

The 'Magic Mike' director is astonished by the way in which the 'Blank Space' hitmaker has captured the world's imagination.

He said: "People laugh that there is a college class being taught about her and I go, 'There should be'.

"What she is doing, the way she is doing it... Nobody has ever done this before. The amount of control she has taken over. She is relentless."

Soderbergh's new picture 'Black Bag' features a cast including Cate Blanchett and Michael Fassbender and the director explained the complexities of shooting a lengthy scene at a dinner table.

He said: "It's a very specific take on people who also have complex personal lives. It was terrifying, because there is a 12-page dinner sequence and nobody even moves from their seats. That kept me up."