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7th April 2012

Quote: "Any of the guys on my team, if they did that, they would be on suspension and possibly in jail." Action man and police officer Steven Seagal believes the Neighbourhood Watch volunteer who killed Florida teen Trayvon Martin should be behind bars. George Zimmerman fatally shot Martin after calling police to report the youngster's suspicious behaviour in his gated community. Reports suggest Martin was unarmed and simply speaking to his girlfriend on a cellphone when he was confronted by Zimmerman.

27th March 2012

Quote: "I'm a seventh degree black belt... I will probably be an eighth degree black belt some day... I still practice and teach all the time." Action man Steven Seagal on his Aikido skills.

9th March 2011

Quote: "Steven Seagal said he was gonna punch me out. I know he runs like a woman but he hits like a dude. But he's not gonna catch me." Actor John Leguizamo has revealed the action man is unimpressed by some of his jokes in his new Broadway comedy show, Ghetto Klown, in which he pokes fun at a host of Hollywood stars, including Seagal, Al Pacino and Kurt Russell.

16th February 2011

Quote: "With all of the doting and praising and hoopla and everything else I never ever thought I was anything special, I just thought, 'I'm a simple country boy, just a guy no different from anybody else'." Steven Seagal plays down his Hollywood fame.

15th February 2011

Quote: "Have I done a lot of great films that I'm proud of? Yes. Have I done a lot of terrible films I'm ashamed of? Yes." Steven Seagal reflects on his movie career.

15th February 2011

Quote: "Every show in the U.K. we had them jumping. Then we went to Wales, we went to a place called Llandudno. There, the average age of the person in the show was 103, 104." Hollywood hardman Steven Seagal remembers a particularly tough gig with his band THUNDERBOX.

19th August 2010

Quote: "I was talking about the Kyoto Protocol (international climate change agreement) long before the amazing Al Gore gets a f**king Academy Award and Nobel Peace Prize. I care about the environment but don't care about pimping my own agenda and getting praised." Tough guy Steven Seagal insists he's among the top eco-friendly celebrities.

18th August 2010

Quote: "I am a warrior. If you have a choice, it's always great to walk away. But if I don't have a choice and someone crosses the line, it gets ugly." Action man Steven Seagal isn't afraid to use his martial arts training when he feels he has to.

1st December 2009

Quote: "I've never really liked acting that much, but I like to be in a real world with real people." Action star Steven Seagal on his new U.S. reality TV show STEVEN SEAGAL: LAWMAN, which charts the star's work as a deputy with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office in Louisiana.

22nd March 2007

Quote: "My look was modelled on the love child of Farrah Fawcett and Steven Seagal." American comedian Will Ferrell discusses his latest role in figure-skating film BLADES OF GLORY.

5th January 2007

Quote: "I have 10 dogs. When I buy dogs I buy them out of Germany - and I buy them as champions. I buy them when they are obedient." Action star Steven Seagal on his love of dogs.

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