Earlier this year, the first female actor to fill the role of the Doctor in 'Doctor Who' was announced, as Jodie Whittaker revealed she would be taking the reins from Peter Capaldi when he hangs up his coat during this year's Christmas special. Though there were a minority of viewers outraged at the decision to have a woman fill the role for the first time, the majority of those who heard the news were excited about the direction the series could be taking.

Steven Moffat is the current showrunner on 'Doctor Who'Steven Moffat is the current showrunner on 'Doctor Who'

Now, some exciting words about Whittaker's first scenes as the Doctor have been revealed by current but outgoing showrunner Steven Moffat, who says that the actress is "brilliant" in the role.

Speaking on YouTube channel Babel Colour, the showrunner explained: "'Doctor Who' has an amazing future, and I’ve seen part of it. I’ve seen Jodie’s first scene as the Doctor, and trust me, we are in for a thrill ride. She is already brilliant."

He continued: "In such a tiny moment, she's given us the Doctor we’ve always known, but in, to say the least, a new way. We are in for a very exciting run."

While it's great to hear how behind the actress Moffat is, he also seems to have revealed that we'll only see a slither of action from the star in the Christmas special, so it will be a long wait before we see a decent amount of scene-stealing in the series from Whittaker.

With Capaldi being replaced also comes the passing of the torch from Moffat to 'Broadchurch' creator Chris Chibnall, who will be looking after 'Doctor Who' for the foreseeable future.

It was also reported recently that Bradley Walsh would be stepping into the role of the Doctor's companion in the new series, with Pearl Mackie confirming she wouldn't be back for another run as companion Bill alongside Whittaker.

Official viewing figures and reaction to the series should be an interesting thing to witness in the coming months, but for now, stick with us for all the latest news on the show!

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'Doctor Who' returns for a Christmas special on December 25, ahead of a new series led by Whittaker in 2018.