Steve Wilkos was hit square in the face with a metal bowl after a fight broke out among guests on his reality television chat show this week. The former Jerry Springer bodyguard was hit just above the eye and temporarily lost his vision after one of his guests launched the bowl across the room while fighting with family members.

A video obtained by shows Wilkos taping a segment called "My daughter tried to poison me," and sees one woman losing control and grabbing a chair, before hurling the metal bowl towards Wilkos. The host holds his face in agony before crumpling into a heap on the ground. Almost comically, another woman shouts, "Ohhhhh you going to jail!!!" Sources say Wilkos - a man of considerable physical stature - was briefly hurt but suffered no serious injuries. The bowl - a prop used on set - has a large dent in it, though it has since been bolted down as to prevent any further bowl-based injuries.

Wilkos' own talk show premiered in September 2007, featuring the former bodyguard using his abrasive approach to solve disputes. He was previously known for stepping in to interrupt or separate guests on The Jerry Springer Show, with the crowd often yelling STEVE! STEVE! STEVE! in support of his actions. 

Watch Steve Wilkos Getting Hit In The Head: