TV daredevils Steve-O and CHRIS PONTIUS scored a first during a recent trip to Brazil's rain forests - they needed medical treatment after getting stung by red ants.

The wacky former JACKASS stars filmed one episode of their hit WILD BOYZ show deep in a Brazilian rainforest, where they met an indigenous tribe - and took part in a rite of passage ceremony.

The ceremony included putting their right hands in a wooden glove, full of angry ants.

The oddball pair needed emergency medical treatment after their hands tingled and swelled after coming into contact with the poisonous insects.

Steve-O says, "It was a first - the first time we'd needed medical help. We had to have injections in the a**."

During the meeting with the indigenous tribesmen, the wacky pranksters also drank a potent fruit punch, which was fermented in the ground after local women had chewed fruit into a mulch.

Also while they were in Brazil, Steve-O was bitten by a red tailed boa; both men were shocked by a six-foot (1.82 meter) electric eel, and they placed an 'anacondom' over an anaconda's head.

04/05/2004 13:48