Steve O , the American daredevil and television star best known for his roles on 'Jackass', broke his nose during Comedy Central's 'roast' of Charlie Sheen on Monday (19th September 2011). Keeping a promise to the former 'Two and a Half Men' star, Steve O ran at high pace into the clenched fist of former boxer Mike Tyson.
As the show's final credits began to roll, the daredevil was seen limbering up on stage as Tyson held out his arm and fist. Sheen was heard yelling, "Come on Steve-O!' as the 37-year-old raced across the stage and leapt into the boxer's fist. Immediately falling to the floor holding his face, Steve-O screamed "A broken nose! A broken nose!" as the audience broke into laughter and applause. A bemused William Shatner looked on, before Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane explained to him, "It's.Steve-O!" - the former Star Trek star replied, "Steve-O? What the f*ck?" As the credits wrapped up, cries of "We need a medic!" were heard over the laughter. Earlier in the night, Sheen's whirlwind year was mocked by the likes of Kate Walsh and Jon Lovitz. The show broke Comedy Central records, becoming the highest rated 'Roast' of all time - pulling in 6.4 million viewers.
Meanwhile, on CBS, the first 'Two and a Half Men' episode starring Sheen's replacement Ashton Kutcher drew an astonishing 27.8 million viewers.