Steve-O has been arrested for climbing a crane.

The 'Jackass' star scaled the 100ft construction crane in Hollywood on Sunday evening (09.08.15) as a protest against the marine mammal park, Sea World, wearing a 'Blackfish' T-shirt - from the documentary made against the park - and holding an inflatable orca.

The strange incident was documented by the TV personality in a series of bizarre videos posted to his Facebook page, in which he ascended the crane and indicated he was going to jump off, saying, ''It's stunt time''.

According to the Los Angeles Times newspaper, several worried witnesses called for the emergency services as they believed he was going to commit suicide, with more than 80 firefighters arriving on the scene to set up an air cushion around the structure in an attempt to protect him if he jumped.

In separate clips, the 41-year-old star - whose real name is Stephen Glover - seemed shocked at the amount of police cars and fire trucks which had arrived on the scene, eventually deciding to climb down the crane at 9pm, an hour after going up.

Following the incident - which also drew police 30 officers - Los Angeles Police Lt. Michael Lang revealed they had arrested Steve-O on suspicion of trespassing, shooting a firework without a permit and conspiracy to commit a crime.

He said: ''We have other people we need to attend to. It's a mess.''

In December, the TV star was fined for a similar stunt in which he climbed to the top of a San Diego freeway sign and changed it to read ''Sea World Sucks''.