Now what would a Croc Hunter’s Son possibly want to do as a job when he grows up? Somehow we can’t imagine the late Steve Irwin’s kid sitting around in an office all day, pushing buttons.

So it was great to see pictures of Steve’s son Robert this week dressed just like his famous father, feeding the crocs! In the new images, the 8-year-old is seen in a short-sleeved khaki shirt throwing meat to the baby crocodiles at the ‘Crocoseum’ at the Australia Zoo (his father’s late zoo). The young boy also picked up one of the mini-reptiles and seemed pretty comfortable - maybe a little too comfortable! Steve Irwin gained worldwide fame as television’s favourite ‘Crocodile Hunter’, though tragically died in 2006 after being fatally stunt by a stingray. However, his kids and wife Terri are keeping his passion for animals alive.

To be honest, we’re not surprised that Robert is a natural with the crocodiles. His father stirred up controversy by feeding a 12-foot-long crocodile with one arm, while clutching one-month-old Robert in the other. Child welfare advocates around the world went crazy, but the baby-boy looked like he was having plenty of fun!