A Steve Harvey breakdown followed what can only be described as a heart-warming, surprise call live on his birthday. 

The Family Feud host and comedian broke down in tears after receiving a phone call he wasn't expecting from an old friend on his talk show, Ask Steve. Harvey was informed by his producers that he had a surprise call waiting on the line, and after explaining that he didn't really like surprised, seemingly broke into tears as soon as he saw the face of his mystery caller. "This is Rich Liss from Orlando, Fla.," Liss said. "Do you still love me, baby?" Eventually - after moments of disbelief and pure emotion, Harvey answered Liss' question, saying, "I love you, man." As it turns out, Liss and his wife Becky were there to help Harvey out of a hole when he was a 26-year-old struggling comedian running a carpet cleaning business. "I didn't have nothing," Harvey said, choking back the tears. "These people took me in."

Having accumulated an $11,000 bill that Liss never made him pay for, Harvey vowed to get his saviour back to his show. "I got money now, Rich," he said. "I'm going to fly a plane out to Orlando to pick up you and Becky. I'm going to fly you out to the show. I've been looking for you for years, man. You guys bailed me out, and I never forgot it."

Check out the incredible scenes below.