A TV surprise saw comedian Steve Harvey breakdown in tears on the long-running game show Family Feud this week. The legendary American comedian showed his emotional side after taking an unexpected call during the show’s taping as part of his birthday special (he turned 56 on January 17, 2013).

Producers cut to a call via satellite, with a man appearing on-screen and wishing Harvey a happy birthday. It caused Harvey to whisper “Aw, man” before pacing the stage. “This is Rich Liss from Orlando, Florida,” the man said. “Do you still love me, baby?” Harvey was seen bending over, choking back sobs and trying to compose himself for a few moments. “Hey, man,” he finally said, before adding, “I love you.”

It turns out Rich and his wife Becky were early supporters of Harvey when he was an aspiring comedian running a fledging carpet cleaning business. They stuck by him while he tried to break into the tough comedy world, something Harvey has never forgotten, “I was struggling…I didn't have nothing. And these people... took me in.”

Harvey rose to become one of the most popular actors in America, as well as a best-selling author and television personality.

Watch Steve Harvey's Breakdown below: