Ok, now is really the time to stop giving Steve Harvey so much grief about the Miss Universe 2015 gaffe. Sure, he announced the wrong winner and left a poor Miss Colombia crownless and a little humiliated but we all make mistakes. In fact, Harvey is not the only presenter to have messed up results in a reality show.

Steve HarveySteve Harvey is not the only one who's made mistakes

Let us not forget that just over a month ago Olly Murs received backlash after announcing the wrong result on 'The X Factor'. Well, technically it was the correct result, but he prematurely announced that Monica Michael was going home after miscounting the judge's votes. Oops! At least Caroline Flack was there to correct things.

Also this year, Ant and Dec were forced to apologise after Vicky Pattison was plunged into a tank of cold fish water on 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here', despite the fact that she won her Bushtucker Trial and shouldn't have been dealt such a forfeit. The incident was more down to a technical fault than the hosts themselves, however.

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Probably the most similar case to the Miss Universe fiasco was the 2010 edition of 'Australia's Next Top Model'. You might remember presenter Sarah Murdoch announcing that the winner was Kelsey Martinovich during the tense finale, before backtracking and revealing that it was in fact Amanda Ware - but not before Kelsey had had a full minute to celebrate and make her thank you speech. Awkward! And probably not the winning moment Amanda was hoping for.

Back in 2007, Terry Wogan messed up in the finale of the BBC competition 'Making Your Mind Up'; a show to decide the UK entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. He revealed that Cyndi was the winner when in fact it was Scooch despite being fed the correct information, though he was less than apologetic about the mix up.

One of the earliest gaffes of this ilk was not on live TV but, in fact, the newspaper. On November 3rd 1948, the front page of the Chicago Daily Tribune read 'Dewey Defeats Truman' regarding the presidential election results. Of course, it was President Harry S. Truman that beat Dewey, leaving a lot of red-face reporters at the Tribune office.

A warning to all not to celebrate a victory too soon.