British actor and comedian Steve Coogan has replaced the late Philip Seymour Hoffman in the upcoming dramedy pilot Happyish. The untimely death of Hoffman earlier this year left a gaping hole in the movie industry, though - and I think enough time has passed to say this - it also left several high quality parts up for grabs, given the 46-year-old was the greatest of his generation.

Steve CooganSteven Coogan will play Thom Payne in Showtime's 'Happyish'

Hoffman didn't do dud roles and Thom Payne in Happyish was another nugget. It is now down to Coogan to play the 44-year-old guy who begins to feel his age when a 25-year-old kid waltzes in and becomes his new boss. The young, trendy executive knows the industry spiel and Thom is left trying to discover a path to happiness. Nick Venable of Cinema Blend has tipped up Modern Family's Adam DeVine to play the smart-ass boss - and that could be right on the money.

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The Showtime press release tells us that Happyish is "a comedic, soul-searching examination of our pursuit of happiness, a pursuit that might just be the very thing causing our unhappiness in the first place."

Philip Seymour HoffmanPhilip Seymour Hoffman died of a heroin overdose. He was one of the finest actors of his generaton.

It's the work of This American Life contributor Shalom Auslander, who will also executive produce the pilot. Director Ken Kwapis (The Office) will helm the first episode, with production ready to begin in New York City in December.

"Steve's range is astounding - he is a comedy legend, a gifted satirist, and he possesses the unique combination of talents this role demands," said Auslander.

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The casting of Coogan is wise. He does down-on-his-luck, self-deprecating thing extremely well (see The Trip), though has tons of experience in straight up comedy too (Alan Partridge). He's sort of the guy you try and get before you settle on Simon Pegg.