Steve Carell claims rumours he'll be nominated for an Oscar make him ''supremely uncomfortable.''

The 'Foxcatcher' star has won rave reviews for his performance in the new film, but admits he doesn't believe he will be among those in the running for Best Actor at the prestigious event in Los Angeles next February.

Asked about the Oscar buzz surrounding the movie, he said: ''It makes me supremely uncomfortable. I think it makes everybody uncomfortable.''

But the 52-year-old actor, who stars in the Olympic wrestling drama alongside Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo, admits he is very flattered.

He said: ''It's nice to be talked about that way. It's nice to be part of that conversation. You can't put too much stock into it.''

Steve - who wore a large prosthetic nose to play coach John du Pont in the movie - says everyone on the set took their jobs ''very, very seriously.''

He told E! News: ''The nose is such a small part of the whole thing. I think Bill [Corso] did a great job with the hair and makeup and it was effective, but we all took this very, very seriously and that was just one component. And I think so much of it was learning the story, trying to understand who these people were.''