HBO have given us a first peek at Boardwalk Empire’s fifth and final season, which is set to air this September. A menacing sense of violence tingles through the 38-second trailer as Nucky, Chalky, Al Capone, Luciano, George Mueller all play a central role.

Boardwalk Empire

And if the stakes could get any higher following season 4’s finale, then the great depression certainly goes a long way towards raising them. Michael K. Williams has already confirmed that HBO’s period gangster drama will take place 7 years after season 4’s ending. Watch the teaser here.

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“The storyline has jumped seven years [into the future], which is why I have the beard now,” Williams explained to Den of Geek when asked about the final season. “The Depression has set in. The days of the shiny shoes and fancy suits are long gone. It ended very badly for Chalky last year,” Williams said. “His family life is no more, and he is desperately seeking Dr. Narcisse to settle old scores.”

Narcisse, of course, is conspicuous by his absence in the short teaser, but Williams has previously hinted, along with his statements on season 5, that Wright will return to play the doctor. “I hope so. I’m a huge fan of Jeffrey, and I really enjoy working with him,” he said. 

The show, created by Terance Winter and starring Steve Buscemi, Kelly MacDonald, Stephen Graham, Michael Shannon, Shea Whigham, Vincent Piazza, Anatol Yusef and Michael Stuhlbarg, combines historical fact with creative freedom to portray America’s land of opportunity – the east coast of it, to be specific – as a crime-ridden battlefield of tinkering tactics and violence. 

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With many of our favorite characters gone – to the lost – it’s nice to be reminded that we’ll (hopefully) get some semblance of closure when things come to a head in the final season of Boardwalk Empire, set for this fall.