Original X Factor winner Steve Brookstein hasn’t had a lot of luck with press coverage after his fleeting popularity on the back of the singing contest win faltered. However, the London-born crooner will probably be wishing for media obscurity again after an ill-advised tweet in which he admitted that he was ‘oblivious’ to the 7/7 bombings because of his number 1 album.

Brookstein, who has in the past been very open about his contempt for The X Factor, wrote: "10 years ago I was heading home from New York and Barcelona after celebrating a No.1 album. Totally oblivious to 7/7 attacks."

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Unfortunately for him, his reference to his successful album suggested a disregard for the devastation of the 7/7 bombings and many Tweeters jumped on what they described as his "insensitivity".

One person tweeted: "On a scale of one to Piers Morgan I’d say Steve Brookstein has just surpassed Katie Hopkins and gone off the scale #sevenseven".

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Tributes have been paid across the country remembering the atrocious attacks on London 10 years ago and a number of people on Twitter showed their distaste towards Brookstein’s "tactless" post.

Another user said: "Amazing that Steve Brookstein tweet. Takes some incredible twitter skill to use a terrorist attack to remind everyone of your album sales."

Brookstein has since replied to one user, explaining that his Tweet was not a tribute but instead describing it as a "where was I" tweet.

Brookstein won the first X Factor after being mentored by Simon Cowell in the over 25s category. However, despite being signed up by Sony BMG after the series, he was dropped only eight months later after only one single and one album. 

Simon CowellSimon Cowell mentored Steve Brookstein in the first series of X Factor before dropping him from his label after less than a year