The electronic music star, who is known for his wild stage antics, launched himself from a platform into the crowd at the show in San Diego, landing on an inflatable pool toy.

However, concert-goer Brittany Hickman alleges she was caught under the inflatable and knocked unconscious before being carried out of the venue by a security guard.

She tells ABC 10 News, "I don't remember too much of it because I was knocked unconscious. He threw a pool raft into the crowd and climbed up the scaffolding to the top of the make-shift stage and then he jumped off of the stage into the pool raft. I was trapped underneath the pool raft because they threw it out right where i was standing. My friends told me he landed on top of the pool raft, hit me on top of the head and I got knocked over.

"They said I was laying on the ground for a moment and I didn't get up... I came to when one of the people working for the Hard Rock was wrapping my ankle. They released me back into the concert. At the point when I walked outside, that's when I realized where I was. That Steve Aoki had jumped and actually hit me in the head and I was knocked out. If I would have thrown my arms above my head or reached for something, I could have paralyzed myself. I just want to be back to the way I was before."

Hickman claims her doctor confirmed she had broken her neck and she was admitted to hospital for three days before being forced to take two months off work. She is now suing both Aoki and bosses at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, the venue where the concert was held.

In a statement released through his attorney, Aoki says, "I would never want anyone to get hurt at any of my shows and feel badly that someone has, but at this time I have been advised by my attorneys to not speak about this as it's going to trial. Thank you for your understanding."

The case is due to go before a court in August (15).