Concertgoers will absolutely love the latest announcement for this year' Mysteryland USA festival. Attending a festival over several days can sometimes prove problematic in terms of what to bring and how to keep it safe, as thefts occur very frequent at these types of events.

Steve AokiSteve Aoki Headlines Mysteryland This Year

Well the organisers of this year's Mysteryland USA music event have managed to solve this problem as it is set to become the first festival that doesn't require you to bring money.

According to Billboard, SFX Entertainment's ID&T has partnered with cashless payment provider Intellitix to exclusively provide festivalgoers an electronic IntelliPay payment system.

All attendees will be able to wear an electronic wristband, which is equipped with a chip that can have funds loaded onto it before and during the festival. If people chose to use these, they can either use credit cards, debit cards at top-up stations located throughout the site to increase their funds, or can pre-load money onto the band online by setting up automatic top-ups.

"We're known for continually pushing creative and technical boundaries, so the introduction of cashless payments was a natural next step," an ID&T/Mysteryland spokesperson said in a statement. "It will significantly advance the fan experience by improving security, drastically cutting wait times for food & beverages, and eliminating theft and fraud. We are the first major electronic music festival to go completely cashless in the U.S. and see this as the future of all large-scale events."

Steve AokiSteve Aoki, Doing His Thing

SFX Chief Marketing Officer Chris Stephenson told Billboard, "The development at Mysteryland relates to a bigger strategic vision for SFX, the Experience Stream, which takes the interaction from the initial ticket purchase, to in-app media, to pass-the line privileges, cashless payments, the mobile wallet, wi-fi connected beacons and all the way through to after-festival content and consumption experiences."

Adding, "The Experience Stream is a singular idea. Where transactions are just an element in a fully interactive environment designed to wow fans and simplify their world."

Mysteryland USA is scheduled for May 24th-25th at New York's Bethel Woods Center For The Arts.