The Stereophonics decided against releasing a trilogy of albums after Green Day's similarly ambitious project flopped.

The punk trio released three records in a four-month span last year (12), but none of them - ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tre! - topped the U.S. charts.

Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong checked into rehab after suffering a meltdown during a gig in Las Vegas in September (12), when the first of the albums hit stores - and Stereophonics star Kelly Jones is convinced the drama had an impact on the success of the records.

He tells Britain's Daily Star, "We'd thought we'd be the first, then Green Day announced Uno, Dos and Tre. They didn't do that well but they'd have had more of a chance if Billie Joe Armstrong had been around to play more concerts.

"Then again, you can't absorb 30 songs at once. That's why we're giving people 45 minutes' worth for now (with the new record) but hopefully we'll have another album out within a year."