Review of Rewind Single by Stereophonics


Stereophonics Rewind Single

Released 21/11/2005
Single review

The fifth album from Stereophonics, "Language. Sex. Violence. Other?" was hailed as a return to form, and even gave the band their first chart-topping single after nearly a decade in the music business. With new drummer Javier Weyler on board, they've found a new zest to energise their music – and it tells on their latest single, "Rewind".

An introspective mid-tempo number, "Rewind" is reminiscent of early nineties' U2. Shimmering guitars meet a thunderous drumbeat, with Kelly Jones taking a relaxed vocal approach that emphasises great lyrics about making the most of your life. The soundscape is vast and hypnotic, which is the opposite of flipside track "Hammerhead". The rhythm section is heavy and claustrophobic until an explosive chorus, but it never comes together perfectly and it's easy to see why the song didn't make the album. Other extras include a live solo version of previous hit "Maybe Tomorrow", and a tremendous T-Rex style version of Goldfrapp's "Ooh La La".

Alex Lai