Review of Maybe tomorrow Single by Stereophonics


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Stereophonics -Maybe tomorrow - Single review
Since breaking the mould in there own right and not becoming just another band the Stereophonics delivered us this. Having released a number of singles in the last few years this has to be one of the better one's. The welsh lads style pretty much stays the same not becoming heavier or mellower just expanding on what they have already done. Kelly Jones one off unique voice works nicely on this track. No doubt it's a well made song. I feel not a winner of musical history by a long way and not the best of them from the first album. The other tracks on this CD again have enough distinction to add to there collection with 'Have wheels will travel' and 'Chance changes things'. It would be good to have them experiment a bit more now within there composing but without losing it completely. The second track is spaced out and less rushed and is a cheerful song. Then we have the last piece which completes it to the point where it has done all it needs to do. Stereophonics will welcome this with open arms at least.
Music - Stereophonics -Maybe tomorrow - Single review