Review of Paradise Album by Stereo Mcs

Stereo Mcs

Stereo MCs - Paradise - Album Review

Stereo MCs - Paradise - Album Review
Stereo MCs


The Stereo MC’s are back with a new album ‘ Paradise’ on their own label Graffiti Recordings. This British band have had an illustrious career spanning 15 years from the hugely successful ‘Connected’ that won awards to pioneering UK rap and creating a uniquely original funk sound. Their statement has always been serious and their edgy sound has grabbed listeners from across the board.

‘ Paradise’ is a reflection that the Stereo MCs still have a lot to say. It still is still the same home grown funk and urban street sound that they always had. There’s an element of jazz and breakbeat that is performed in a progressive way. The positive vibe is still there and Rob Birch seems not to have aged at all. He still speaks in a spoken form way that evokes the soul and captures their

attitude 100 per cent. The dub sound and space funk bass makes this album ideal for festival atmospheres and the energy is dance fuelled. ‘The Fear’ shows the flexibility of these guys, performed by Stephanie Mckay this is a slow sensitive number, as the majority of tracks are fast paced and weighty. ‘ Paradise’ is an excellent track that could be slipped into most DJ sets or the more politically motivated ‘Warhead’ for those conscious souls.

The funk is still alive with the Stereo MCs. Those that were fans won’t be disappointed as it still has that quintessential sound. I don’t know whether they were way ahead of their time or whether they have decided to stick to their same formula. Whatever it is ‘ Paradise’ still sounds good, positive and fresh.

Tareck Ghoneim