Steps have announced their first album in three years.

The group - which comprises of Claire Richards, Lee Latchford-evans, Lisa Scott-Lee, Faye Tozer and Ian ''H'' Watkins - have delighted fans by confirming their new studio album, 'What The Future Holds', will be available on November 27.

Taking to their official Twitter page, they shared: ''WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS ... We couldn't keep it a secret any longer!! Our new album What The Future Holds arrives on November 27th, and it's available to pre-order from 8am tomorrow! (sic)''

The group - whose hits include 'Tragedy', 'Better The Devil You Know' and '5, 6, 7, 8' - teased a possible come back earlier on Monday (07.09.20) when they revived their official Twitter account to post individual shots of the five of them posed in front of purple flashing neon letters that spelled out S T E P S.

Alongside a crystal ball emoji, the captions teased the new music, reading: ''#WTFH ... 'One foot in the past...' ... ' foot in the future.' ... Tell me what the future holds (sic)''

The short clips have been seen over 120,000 times at the time of writing, with fans eagerly sharing their excitement in the comments.

One eager fan wrote under the post on Twitter: ''Omg thank you for blessing us and bringing joy to the year (sic)''

Whilst another shared: ''November is set to be one AMAZING month! I'm limbering up for the dance routines already #Steps2020 (sic)''

A third wrote: ''I cannot wait for this!! So excited ... I have been waiting for new music from you guys for a long time. Let's hope a tour can be done in the future Xx (sic)''

A fourth added: ''hope there is a tour when it's safe to do so (sic)''