Review of Jo Jo's Jacket Single by Stephen Malkmus

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7. Steven Malkmus Jo Jos Jacket (12" - Domino)
In youre into videos, you could do worse than keep your eyes open for a visual snippet of this one. Already playlisted on MTV its the creation of super cool designers Shynola (those responsible for the Mo Wax U.N.K.L.E. campaign and Radioheads Pyramid Song).
In an age where videos can help to make or break a record, this could be the lynch pin that Malkmus needs to project himself further into public awareness.
Not that he really needs it.
Jo Jos Jacket does, for reasons probably only known to Malkmus himself, contain more than a few references about Yul Brynner, such as Ive got a bald head. Beyond its interesting choice of lyrics this track has a chorus of pure quality; glazed harmonies that need hearing over and over again and a spangley, daft kind of feel that could see pogo-ing in public becoming quite the thing.