Stephen King's It first hit screens (TV screens at least) back in 1990 , four years after it was published as a novel, and has sent shivers down peoples spines ever since. Now it looks as though Warner Brothers want to rekindle these shivers as it looks to reboot the horror franchise into two films that will be going into production in the near future.

Warner Bros has been working for some time now on finding just the right people who will be able to fit in with the project and finally looks as though it was found these people.

Variety writes that director CARY FUKUNAGA, who directed the recent adaptation of Jane Eyre, and writer CHASE PALMER, who wrote the shorts Shock and Awe and Neo-Noir, will adapt the Stephen King novel. Both new recruits have received much praise for their previous projects so we can only hope they will repeat the performance in the upcoming fright-fest.

JON SILK is signed on to co-produce and so far these three are the only crewmembers on board, with no cast members yet to be announced. The TV adaption featured Tim Curry as Pennywise the antagonistic clown as well as a young Seth Green in flashback scene at the beginning of the film.