The long-awaited sequel to Stephen King's 1977 horror classic 'The Shining' has finally been released in the form of 'Doctor Sleep' which was published on September 24th 2013.

'The Shining' cemented King's dominance in the horror genre as it centres on the explosive tempered, alcoholic writer Josh Torrance who moves his family to the Overlook hotel in the Colorado Rockies.

It turns out that the hotel is plagued with evil entities and forces that only speak to Josh's youngest child, Danny, who is bestowed with psychic abilities. The father doesn't get the peace Josh desired in the Rockies as he is driven mad by these forces and tries to destroy his family by the end of the novel, but he is the one who is killed in the hotel fire.

The sequel now follows a grown up Danny (now Dan) Torrance who still has the "terrible privilege" of psychic abilities and is now struggling with a variety of demons. Like Jack, the telepathic boy has grown to be an alcoholic and finds himself in New Hampshire as he tries to become clean and sober.

The hauntings have come and gone throughout his whole life but he finds their presence stronger than ever in this sleepy small New Hampshire town, where he works at a hospice and attends local AA meetings.

Dan eventually meets Debra, who "Shines" stronger than ever did and demands his help when she thinks someone or thing is after her.

How was the much anticipated horror sequel received?

Margaret Atwood of The New York Times thought "King's inventiveness and skill show no signs of slacking: Doctor Sleep has all the virtues of his best work."

Rob Merill of the Huffington Post also praised King as he said "If you loved "The Shining," you'll love catching up with these characters. King is in fine form, making you laugh, grossing you out and spinning a tale that keeps the pages turning".

stephen king
Stephen King has stamped his return to horror fiction with 'Doctor Sleep'

The 66 year-old has delivered yet another great horror novel, but he takes a different approach to the successful recipe from 'The Shining's' high dose evil and unworldly entities to shock and frighten the reader. King chooses to depict a man's journey of recovery and redemption.