Stephen Gately's mum has been suffering ill health since she was plunged into despair after the tragic Boyzone star's death.
The Irish singer was just 33 years old when he died of an undetected heart condition in 2009, and his close-knit family was devastated by the loss - but Gately's brother Tony admits his elderly mum Margaret has been hit hardest.
He tells the Daily Record, "I broke down (after his death), I couldn't take it in. Stephen was so fit, so healthy and he was gone... He used to drag me to the gym, that's why it shocked us so much that he could die, just like that.
"My mum's health deteriorated after the way it happened. Everything seemed to go downhill when Stephen passed and she withdrew into herself. She has struggled. We all have."
After the tragedy, Gately's four surviving siblings decided to get their hearts screened, and his sister Michelle has since discovered that she too has the rare condition and is now on medication.
Tony adds, "Getting checked and treated has probably saved her life."