Stephen Collins, the actor best known for his role as Eric Camden in 7th Heaven, will have to wait under January 2015 until divorce proceedings from his estranged wife Faye Grant can continue.

Stephen Collins
Stephen Collins is best known for his role in 7th Heaven.

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Collins has been under scrutiny since a recording, allegedly secretly taped and leaked by his estranged wife Faye Grant, was acquired by TMZ. In the recording a man, allegedly Collins, confesses to having inappropriate sexual contact with minors. 

Collins filed for divorce from Grant in 2012 and proceedings were set to begin on Wednesday (12th November). However, Grant's attorney Larry Ginsberg resigned after presenting evidence to the judge regarding a fee dispute, according to the NY Daily News. This has delayed the proceedings which the judge has rescheduled to begin on January 5th 2015. The judge ordered the delay to allow Grant to find a new attorney. 

Ginsberg's resignation also coincides with a filing from Collins which states $1 million should be deducted from Grant's share of the property settlement as she allegedly leaked the audio. Collins is reportedly further claiming he is unable to provide Grant with the $13,000 spousal support as he has lost, owing to the audio, any earning potential.

Stephen Collins
Collins is facing allegations of child abuse.

Grant has denied leaking the audio and claims in documentation that her husband, should the tapes be leaked, had planned two and a half years ago to use allegations of a leak against her in court. Documentation, obtained by People, reads: 'Faye has known for over 2 ½ years that in the event that the recording should find its way into the public arena, that would constitute a further breach of her fiduciary duty, and Stephen would seek to hold her accountable for the damages sustained as a result of her conduct in this regard.'

Grant and Collins have been married since 1985 and have one daughter together. Collins was previously married before in the 1970s. Collins' divorce from Grant, when proceedings resume in January, is likely to garner further media attention owing to the allegations Collins faces. 

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Stephen Collins
Collins' divorce proceedings have been delayed until January.