Stephen Colbert has been announced as the new host of evening talkshow, The Late Show, which will have been hosted by David Letterman for 21 years when the outgoing host retires in 2015. Letterman announced that he was stepping down last Thursday, leading to a frenzy of speculation over who could possibly fill his well-loved shoes.

Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert Is Set To Become The New 'Late Show' Host.

Neil Patrick Harris was quickly pulled up as a potential successor, as was Scottish comedian Craig Ferguson. The speculation was abruptly halted yesterday when CBS announced that The Colbert Report star had been selected as the one to take up the Late Show baton.

In the US media, there have been a lot of rumblings over Colbert's political stance with The Washington Post rising as one of the first to pose the question. "What are Stephen Colbert's politics?": "The assumption -- among Democrats and most Republicans -- is that the real Colbert is a Democrat, a perception largely due to his viciously biting satire of conservatism as "Stephen Colbert."

Stephen Colbert Emmys

CBS may not be face-slappingly overt in its right wing orientation but Colbert's hiring is a little bemusing considering less than two weeks ago, the right attempted to get Comedy Central's The Colbert Report taken off air. Colbert lampooned the right's occasionally racist behaviour, using humor to show how Redskins owner Daniel Snyder is creating a foundation to try to buy off Native Americans who are trying to get the football team to change their name.

Lead by conservative columnist, Michelle Malkin, right wingers took to Twitter in a wave of outrage but instead of successfully punishing Colbert with their boycott, they seem to have indirectly got him promoted. As the political satirist is given an even bigger political platform for his views, it's clear that Late Show bosses weren't looking for a Letterman doppelganger to get behind the desk of the entertainment show.

David Letterman

Perhaps they're hoping that by notoriety alone, Colbert's presence will draw in the viewers. Their boycott efforts backfired, and now Colbert is replacing David Letterman on The Late Show. If anything at all, it shows that America's entertainment industry isn't as right wing as it is made out to be.

"Colbert's premiere date as host of The Late Show will be announced after Mr Letterman determines a timetable for his final broadcasts in 2015," the network said.

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