Stephen Baldwin has joined the ever-growing list of Hollywood celebrities displaying a complete ineptitude when it comes to the management of their finances… specifically the compulsory payment of those pesky taxes. It looks as though Stephen Baldwin – arguably the second most famous of all the Baldwins – will be narrowly avoiding a stint in jail, thanks in no small part to his lawyer.

Baldwin owes a staggering $350,000 in back taxes, dating from 2008, 2009 and 2010. The Usual Suspects actor either needs a new accountant or a new calculator – we’re not sure which, at this juncture. The State of New York have thankfully agreed to give Baldwin five years to pay back the money and as long as he does that and makes his payments on time, it looks as though he should be able to avoid serving time behind bars. His lawyer, Russell Yankwitt, told TMZ “Mr. Baldwin is very appreciative he will not be incarcerated. He will pay back what he owes, and is looking forward to putting all of this behind him."

Stephen Baldwin

Stephen Baldwin's lawyer cut a five year payment plan to keep him out of jail

Stephen isn’t the only Hollywood celebrity to have messed up his taxes recently. Lindsay Lohan is in a right royal mess with her own finances, Flavor Flav still owes from 2004 – 2006, Lauryn Hill’s in a spot of bother with the State of New Jersey and as for Lil’ Kim… well, the rapper owes over $1 million from cumulative taxes since 2002.