Stephen Baldwin was left with empty pockets on Friday (Oct 18th).

The 47 year-old handed over a certified check for $100,000 to the state tax department in order to reduce the amount of unpaid taxes he owes New York.

The payment was exchanged at Rockland County Court and it was the second instalment for taxes he didn't pay in a three year period totalling at $400,000, from 2008, 2009 and 2010.

The 'Celebrity Apprentice' star pleaded guilty in March 2013 of failure to file state income tax returns and still owes $243,068 in personal income taxes.

If he can fully pay off this amount by March 2014 his slate will be wiped clean but if he can't then the reality star faces up to five years' probation.

According to USA Today, prosecutor Anthony Dellicarri informed the judge that if Baldwin fails to pay off the amount he owes, then Dellicarri wants to see Baldwin face some jail time.

Judge Charles Apotheker is overseeing Baldwin's progress and spoke about his latest payment, "This certainly makes me feel Mr. Baldwin understands his obligations."

Baldwin believes he is able to pay off the remaining tax bill and thought the prosecutions' allowing the payments in quarterly sums is making the process a lot easier.

Outside the courthouse the 'Usual Suspects' star told reporters, "This was never about not wanting to do the right thing, never about not wanting or willing to pay what I owe."

Baldwin also confirmed he is now overseeing all of his business ventures instead of relying on others and that he didn't even realise he had to file in those years based on "some really bad suggestions and advice" from lawyers and accountants, reports the New York Post.

Baldwin stars in a new Christian film called 'I'm in Love with a Church Girl' which was released on October 18th 2013.

Stephen Baldwin
Stephen Baldwin will not face any charges if he can pay off the remaining tax bill by March 2014