Stephen Baldwin is looking forward to 21 January (10) - the date will mark 21 years sober for him.
The 43 year old battled drink and drugs demons in his early 20s, but managed to overcome his substance abuse issues and reinvented himself as a born-again Christian.
And Baldwin is looking forward to celebrating his landmark anniversary during his stint on Britain's Celebrity Big Brother reality show.
He told fellow contestant Vinnie Jones, "This January 21st... when I'm in here... it'll be 21 (years).
"I'm 43 years old now and I'm sober 21 years."
Baldwin insists a higher power turned him off his drug of choice, cocaine: "The revelation I had, it was one of those real in-the-mirror to myself moments - 'What do you want to do? Because if you want to fly as high as you can as an actor, you cut this ball off your ankle.'"