'Arrow' is rolling towards its seventh season and its 150th episode, and the show has never been more chaotic and thrilling. With Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) now behind bars, after telling Star City that he was the Green Arrow, his team and friends feel a little lost in limbo, but will be forced to remain together and continue fighting against the criminal activity going on around them.

Stephen Amell doesn't think viewers will love Oliver Queen in 'Arrow' season 7Stephen Amell doesn't think viewers will love Oliver Queen in 'Arrow' season 7

This weekend, it was revealed that Oliver would be going up against some of his old adversaries now that he's in prison, all whilst comic book villains The Longbow Hunters make their series debut.

Michael Jai White, Cody Runnels and Vinnie Jones are amongst those returning as Ben Turner/Bronze Tiger, Derek Sampson and Danny 'Brick' Brickwell respectively.

Holly Elissa, Michael Jonsson and Miranda Edwards meanwhile will make up the group of assassins known as The Longbow Hunters, recruited by Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevado) to take down Oliver once and for all.

Though all of this hints at audiences rallying behind Oliver once more in season 7, Amell thinks that we'll all actually be hating on the vigilante when the new season's first episode has aired.

Speaking with EW at San Diego Comic-Con, the actor teased: "I hope people watch the premiere and are super-pissed at Oliver. There's one scene in particular where he should be better, and he's not. He sucks."

He did however say he was "proud" of one upcoming scene that sees him get caught up in a fight in prison showers.

"That's the shower fight. I'm proud of the shower fight," he explained. "That was eight hours of hard fighting. I'm very proud of that."

Meanwhile, actress Juliana Harkavy who plays Dinah Drake, aka Black Canary said of the new season: "The team is definitely broken. After all of the animosity that happened between us last season, and the predicament Oliver is in, and the sacrifice he made for us, the hierarchy is broken and we need to restructure and re-evaluate how we approach the team."

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We'll bring you more news surrounding the seventh season of 'Arrow' as and when we get it. New episodes start on The CW in the US from Monday, October 15.