For almost five full seasons now, 'Arrow' has entertained audiences by bringing the DC Comics superhero Green Arrow to the small screen in his own solo series, successfully gaining legions of fans and allowing other shows such as 'The Flash' and 'Legends Of Tomorrow' to be born through its success.

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow in 'Arrow'Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow in 'Arrow'

As we move towards the fifth season finale and 'Arrow' enjoys a short break, comments from those who have worked on the show suggested we'd be looking at an unfamiliar and strange group of characters working together to take down this season's Big Bad, Prometheus during the season 5 finale.

Now, Stephen Amell has let slip exactly which unlikely face will be fighting with Team Arrow to take down the latest evil vigilante, and it's certainly no disappointment.

Taking to his Twitter account earlier today, Amell confirmed that Manu Bennett, the actor behind Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke would be making his return for the fifth season's finale:

Seeing Oliver Queen (Amell) work with Slade Wilson will definitely be one of the most interesting things to happen in 'Arrow' for a while. After all, the man is responsible for the death of Oliver's mother, having murdered her during the show's second season.

He's also played a part in bringing Star City to its knees in the past, so when we see him out of confinement, could he really be a changed man, or will he be using the desperate occasion to his advantage, working his way back into the hearts of those he's met in the past to make big moves for his own gain?

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'Arrow' season 5 returns to The CW in the US on Wednesday, April 26 and will return to Sky1 in the UK soon after.