There's no denying the huge hype surrounding the return of 'Arrow', following the cliffhanger that viewers were left with when the fifth season came to a close earlier this year. Watching the island of Lian Yu from a distance, Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) saw an explosion take place and a massive number of Team Arrow members put at risk.

Stephen Amell makes his return as Oliver Queen in 'Arrow' Season 6Stephen Amell makes his return as Oliver Queen in 'Arrow' Season 6

Exactly who had survived the blast - if anybody - was left hanging and will be explored when the series comes back in October. In fact, the first flashback of season 6 will be one that takes viewers back to Lian Yu before the explosion to catch up with everybody on there.

While that's certainly something that'll be explored further when the show makes its return for season 6, that surprisingly isn't what Amell is most excited about delving deeper into. In fact, when it comes to his favourite work on the season so far, his answer may surprise many.

Speaking with Cinema Blend, the actor offered a tease about what has been his best moment on the set of season six so far. He explained: "I mean, Oliver being a dad is my favourite part of Season 6 thus far, and it’s certainly what I’ve had to play the most. My first day back on Season 6 was four scenes with Jack [Moore], who plays William, and I was f**king nervous. I didn’t know. I had never done a scene with this kid, you know what I mean? A kid. He’s a young man. We had done one scene where I’m holding him close, and we had done one scene where he’s playing with action figures. We had four scenes. I was like… I didn’t know how it was gonna go! You know? And he was not only equal to the task, but excelled. I left that day feeling so bullish about Season 6 and everything that we have coming up."

If Oliver's son William is going to be playing a bigger part in the series, it'll certainly be interesting to see how the relationship is carried and woven throughout the bigger story. Whether or not the fans will get on board with such a huge step in character development will also be a major test - especially so for the young actor Jack Moore. Hopefully, those who have praised the series in its past for taking big risks to stand out amongst a very crowded world full of superheroes will once again back this development. It's certainly something we've not seen before.

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'Arrow' season 6 debuts on The CW in the US on Thursday, October 12 and is expected to return to Sky1 in the UK shortly thereafter.