Going through some major ups and downs in its five seasons to-date, 'Arrow' will return next month for its sixth season after going through what many fans thought was a welcome rejuvenation in season 5. With Stephen Amell in the driving seat as Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, the show has managed to make the DC Comics hero a household name.

Stephen Amell as Green Arrow in season 4 of 'Arrow'Stephen Amell as Green Arrow in season 4 of 'Arrow'

In seasons 3 and 4 of the show however, strange storylines that sometimes bordered on the ridiculous almost lost the series a huge chunk of its fanbase. Pulling them back with a fifth season that was more like the original two, and with the return of popular villain Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke (Manu Bennett), things seem to be right on track for 'Arrow' once more.

Amell however thinks that there can always be improvements made. One of those that he's intent on seeing through is that Oliver seems to have learned lessons in the actions he takes throughout season 6.

Chatting at FanExpo Canada over the weekend, the actor explained: "The thing I ask myself whenever I’m reading a script this year and it comes down to an Oliver-based issue is, ‘is he handling this like someone who has learned lessons along the way? If he’s not, then we change it because if he hasn’t taken away stuff from everything that has happened in the last five years, including and especially what happened at the end of season 5, then if I were a viewer, I would be like ‘Alright, enough with this guy.’"

Having lost his loved ones to those he's fought against in seasons gone by, we would expect a more cautious Green Arrow moving ahead. It'd also be nice to see him approach his former relationship with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) head-on rather than leaving it to be picked up later on, as it's been quite some time since we saw the two enjoy sharing the same room. Then of course, his development as a father should be set to continue.

Whatever the case may be, 'Arrow' is going to deliver some very interesting storylines in season 6. We can't wait to see where the writers take Team Arrow this time round...

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'Arrow' returns for its season 6 premiere on Thursday, October 12 in the US on The CW, and is expected to return to Sky1 in the UK shortly thereafter.