Stephen Amell is certainly one of the most accessible actors of the modern day when it comes to interacting with fans and chatting about his hit superhero television series, 'Arrow', which airs on The CW network in the US. 

Stephen Amell has been a staple of The CW for many years nowStephen Amell has been a staple of The CW for many years now

Now heading into its sixth season, the show has garnered an incredible fan base and helped spawn an array of fellow series that also slot into what has been christened the 'Arrowverse'. With 'The Flash', 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' and even 'Supergirl' taking place in the same universe, the room for doing something special has expanded throughout the years, with a number of crossovers taking place and bringing some hugely memorable moments to television.

Throughout 'Arrow's time, the show has brought some incredible villains to the small screen. None however have made quite the impression of Manu Bennett's version of DC Comics 'Big Bad', Deathstroke, aka Slade Wilson. Taking the life of Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow's (Amell) mother in the second season, the two have enjoyed a rivalry ever since, with Deathstroke eventually locked away. Back in season 5 however, Oliver needed as much help as possible in taking down his latest threat, which meant he had to call on the very man he never wished to see again to get the job done.

Manu Bennett stars as Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke in 'Arrow'Manu Bennett stars as Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke in 'Arrow'

What the future held for the character of Deathstroke after season 5 however was up in the air. Nobody really knew if Manu would be back for future episodes, or if this would be the true end of his story arc. Amell has now confirmed that the actor will be making a comeback, on more than one occasion.

"I can report that Manu Bennett is back to being a part of the show, and I think we will see him multiple times this year, which is awesome," the actor said recently, speaking at Heroes & Villains FanFest in Nashville.

Despite the admission that Deathstroke will be making some sort of appearance throughout season 6, it doesn't look like the character will once again be the main focal point of the plot, with Amell instead seemingly referencing guest appearances rather than anything permanent.

This type of fan service is something those who have watched 'Arrow' since the beginning will now be used to, but it doesn't make the claims any less sweet. Manu has become a huge hit with viewers, so to see him back in the action in the coming months will be a fantastic thing.

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'Arrow' season 6 premieres on Thursday, October 12 in the US on The CW, and is expected to return to Sky1 in the UK shortly thereafter.