Fans of The CW superhero series 'Arrow' are now gearing up for the show to wrap up its current fifth season, with just a handful of episodes left before the show leaves the small screen until the season 6 premiere later this year. Though we've been teased with a big name comeback in Deathstroke (Manu Bennett), exactly what Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and company will be going through in the coming weeks is still up in the air.

Stephen Amell stars as the titular hero in CW series 'Arrow'Stephen Amell stars as the titular hero in CW series 'Arrow'

Now, executive producer on the series Wendy Mericle has revealed how the season 5 finale will tie-in directly with the series' pilot episode, bringing things full circle and allowing some room to breathe when it comes to flashback scenes in the future.

"We've managed to hopefully stick the landing on it in a cool way that allows us to see both some of the moments right before we first met Oliver in the pilot, where he launched that flaming arrow and it lit up that signal fire, and also maybe a little bit after as well, some of the more emotional moments that we never got to see in the pilot," Mericle said in a chat with Entertainment Weekly.

Those who remember the pilot episode will recall how Oliver was found on a remote island in the Pacific, having thought to be shipwrecked for the previous five years. The truths of his time away from Starling City - now Star City - have been revealed periodically through the show's five seasons to-date, and it looks as if that story is now reaching its end.

The 'Arrow' flashbacks have been a bone of contention with the loyal fans who stick with the superhero series, with many citing a slip in quality of storytelling when it comes to their inclusion. Now though the show looks to be back on fine form, and viewers are anxiously awaiting the results of a season that's had everybody on the edge of their seats.

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'Arrow' returns on April 26 in the US on The CW, and comes to Sky1 in the UK shortly thereafter.