Kicking off one of the most successful superhero universes the small screen has ever seen, The CW's 'Arrow' is a show that has really gone through the motions. Whether it's at its highest high or dealing with being trashed by viewers, it's survived each and every turn and looks to continue on into the distant future.

Marc Guggenheim serves as showrunner on 'Arrow'Marc Guggenheim serves as showrunner on 'Arrow'

Stephen Amell leads the series in the titular role of Oliver Queen, also known as the vigilante crime fighter, the Green Arrow. Working alongside a close-knit team, he's helped introduce the 'Arrowverse' to a series of other heroes such as The Flash and Black Canary, but his journey isn't one that's been without tragedy. People have died and made huge sacrifices along the way, and that's something that sticks with Oliver.

The similarities between Queen and perhaps the world's most famous superhero, Batman aka Bruce Wayne are staggering, and so when a reference to Bruce was made earlier in the current sixth season of 'Arrow', eyebrows were raised at the possibility of the character being involved in the series moving forward, now that he was confirmed to exist in the timeline.

Asked by Comicbook whether the reference would turn into Batman making an appearance in 'Arrow', showrunner Marc Guggenheim was clear in his response: "No, I love a good Easter egg, and I love doing the occasional name drop. You know, we name dropped Hal Jordan at the beginning of Season 3, but it’s really just fun for us. I think in the Arrowverse we have our own Justice League and the Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman … these are all characters that are either spoken for on the movie side and/or other shows. There’s a Bruce Wayne on Gotham… Over here on the CW, we’re sort of a mischievous lot, and we enjoy the occasional Easter egg…  And our partners at DC are very tolerant of our mischief. But that’s really all it is. Just good nature, good fanboy mischief."

That seems pretty cut and dry to most people, but there will always be a glimmer of hope for those fans who will always say, "never say never". For now however, Batman in the 'Arrowverse' is nothing more than a pipe dream.

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'Arrow' season 6 returns in the US on Thursday, January 18 on The CW, and on Sky1 in the UK shortly thereafter.