The old saying goes: ‘if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen’. Unfortunately for celebrity chef, Bobby Flay, the heat from his separation from his wife Stephanie March followed him all the way to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 50-year-old Flay was receiving a star on the Walk of Fame when a small airplane, trailing a banner emblazoned with the word ‘Cheater’ flew across the fly. Flay continued posing for pictures but all eyes, and cameras, were pointed towards the plane. The ceremony, which took place on Tuesday (2nd June) continued but it was somewhat marred by the background detail of the banner.

Bobby Flay and Stephanie MarchBobby Flay and Stephanie March photographed together in 2008.

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Flay and actress March, best known for her role as Alexandra Cabot on Law & Order: SVU, are currently embroiled in a messy divorce proceedings. The former couple announced their separation in March of this year. They have been married for ten years and this is Flay’s third marriage which has ended in divorce. According to reports in Us Weekly, Flay was allegedly cheating on March.

Flay has denied the allegations of infidelity and his attorney, speaking to Us Weekly, claimed the allegations were deliberately leaked to the press in order to force up the alimony Flay pays March. Their pre-nuptial states Flay will only pay March $5000 a month and this is the major point of contention in the case. 

It has been suggested March was behind the banner. However, March’s representative has denied her client had anything to do with the stunt at Flay’s Walk of Fame ceremony. 

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