Is Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell’s romance over already? Just weeks after ‘falling in love’ as ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemates, the showbiz couple’s relationship is already said to be on the rocks, after McConnell posted a cryptic tweet on Saturday night.

The now deleted tweet read: "I have been the biggest mug . I'm sorry for the people who tried to warn me. But you live and learn. Onwards and upwards.” A public post on Facebook also read: “Feel like the biggest mug now. I went with what I felt at the time and will live and learn from this. Heartbroken.”

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Davis has also tweeted and deleted some cryptic messages in the past 24 hours. According to The Sun the 22-year-old told followers: "Lols at the press and the stories u make. Thanks to the people who have made me feel worthless and no good.”

“Why is everyone so concerned about people’s lives and making a story??…Don’t get it at all…Hate all that shit! Leave me alone.” The pair are due to make their first television appearance as a couple on Monday’s (February 22nd) edition of talk show ‘Loose Women’.

Before rumours of their split began, the two certainly did seem very loved-up and were even reported to have been shopping for rings together. Speaking about their marriage plans, McConnell told Ok! magazine last week: “All my friends are going to take the p*** out of me but I can see myself marrying her.”

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"It's crazy that we've fallen for each other so quickly but it feels right.” Davis also added that the pair were about to move in together. "We didn't see the point in waiting around so we're moving in together,” Davis said. "We've already started house hunting!” McConnell added.