Review of Somewhere Across Forever Single by Stellastarr

Single Review - Stellastarr**

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Single Review - Stellastar* - 'Somewhere Across Forever' - (20 20 Recordings)

Glistening pop wizardry from New York's latest most hyped.

A marvellous hybrid this of the Pixies and the Talking Heads Stellastar* are the antidote to any number of the predictable garage rockers currently plying their black leather jacket + Blues Explosion stew = rock 'n' roll, shtick.

Art schoolers who have built up a huge buzz on the back of intense local gigging in their home town NYC (where there are one or two A&R men to notice), the * are something special.

Single Review - Stellastar* - 'Somewhere Across Forever' - (20 20 Recordings) @

As this sparklingly gorgeous three minute nugget proves. Add the fact that lead singer Shawn Christensen has a yelp which David Byrne would be envious of and you just know that you are on to a sure fire winner.

Gold stars all round, then.

Alistair Hann