Review of Hitparade Album by Station 7

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8. Station 7 Hitparade (Album - Mute)
Ich Und Ich, with the infamous guitar lick pilfered from Roni Sizes Brown Paper Bag and a general all round German MC Solaar kind of vibe - yes, this is a bit of a mixed bag.
But, if you think that sounds a tad unconventional, the set of circumstances from which it arose will shock you even more.
Way back in 1998 a young social worker, Kay Bosen decided to introduce music lessons into an otherwise uneventful program of classes for the residents of number 17 at the Alsterdorf Institution, a welfare centre for the mentally handicapped in Hamburg.
The experiment gathered momentum, the residents loved it, formed a band and got Phonogram to release an album. Along the way they picked up tremendous support from many German musicians, resulting in a second album release, then a third and fourth, (with help from Orb member Thomas Fehlman amongst others).
And now were here, many TV appearances and numerous live gigs later: their fifth album - a remix album.
After having brought themselves to the attention of the public hauling in the remix talents of the likes of Pole, To Rococo Rot, Fischmob amongst many others, was easy.
And the result: a bizarrely brilliant convergence of Kraftwerk style electronica, minimalist bleeps, intriguing vocals and speeches and disco outtakes.
An amazing idea, an amazing album and no doubt an amazing experience for all of those involved.
Maybe, sometimes, it is just that simple - music can be the answer.